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        Witness: HFM’s 2017

        In 2017, Hefei Metalforming Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd (HFM) has formed a double main industry development pattern of high-end CNC machine tools and intelligent set system and optic-electronic sorting (Zhongke Optic-electronic), and harvested great achievements in product and technology innovation, overseas market expansion and other regions making great contribution to the development and revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry in China.

        Progress in international Ization

        Acquisition of LAUFFER

        Hefei Waterwood Trust and Insurance Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Fund which was established under the leadership of HFM, together with Yan Jianwen, president of HFM, and Waterwood Growth Technology Fund, L.P has completed a 100% acquisition of LAUFFER, a German manufacturer with over 100-year history. It marks that HFM has made a leap-forward development in carbon fiber, composite material, laminating, plastic powder forming and many other fields achieving progress in technological level and discourse power of international market.

        Increase of international high-end market share

        Our products have been exported to North America, Europe and other developed countries. The export has been steadily increased this year. Some complete set of equipment with globally advanced level like 3830 ton fully automatic steel aluminum mechanical press line, 2500 ton large mould testing press and transfer press have been delivered to our overseas high-end customers successfully. We are one of the rare Chinese manufacturers that can export the whole set automatic large stamping equipment to developed countries. 

        Affirmation form leaders

        Vice Premier Liu Yandong praised our innovation results

        Vice Premier of the State Council Liu Yandong appreciated the scientific achievement HFM had made after listening to Yan Jianwen’s report about product research and development on machine tool and CNC system on her visit to Institute of Advanced Technology, University of Science and Technology of China. She encouraged HFM to maintain the advantageous position of core technology and make greater contribution to equipment manufacturing industry of China.

        Contribution to national power

        National Science and Technology Major Project

        15000 ton double hydro-dynamic deep drawing hydraulic press which was independently developed by HFM passed the acceptance of National Science and Technology Major Project in December, 2017. This project can be applied to new generation of launch vehicles, manned spaceflight and other major national projects and the success of this project indicated that technological blockade of the developed countries was broken and great breakthroughs were made in manufacturing technology of large integral thin-walled component in aerospace engineering of China.

        Several state level honors win by HFM

        During 2017, HFM has obtained many national honors including “National Demonstration Enterprise of Intellectual Property Rights”; nomination in the 4th China Industry Award; leading the drafting of national standard Safety Requirements for Hydraulic Press which was awarded the 2nd prize in Scientific and Technological Advance Award for China Machinery Industry; presiding over the drafting of Fast Sheet Stamping and Drawing Hydraulic Press, Head Hydraulic Press and other 8 implemented industrial standards; obtaining nearly 30 national intellectual property rights.

        Product and technology innovation

        Breakthroughs in forming machine and other areas

        Vital orders of HFM in 2017 contains: 10000 ton isothermal forging hydraulic press used for aerospace industry in China which is suitable for isothermal super plastic molding of hard deformable alloys like super alloys, titanium alloys and intermetallic compounds; four-order fully automatic closed seven axis robot hydraulic production line for BJEV; 8000 ton titanium electrode automatic extrusion equipment; 2100 ton servo CNC hydraulic cushion multi-link mechanical press; 2000 ton aluminum alloy cover part fast-speed super plastic forming project and others providing solutions for light alloy forming, automotive stamping automation and flexibility.

        Development of optic-electronic sorting unit

        Zhongke Optic-electronic which is a subsidiary corporation of HFM had profound development in 2017. Apart from color sorting and quality sorting technology, Zhongke Optic-electronic has produced the first aflatoxin laser color sorting machine in China. The ore sorting machine developed by us ranks definitely the first in the market. Other new color sorting machines like X-ray bulk foreign body testing machine(under development), infrared color sorting machine, RC series cloud interconnecting color sorting machine and computer-controlled tea leaf color sorting machine also came into being in 2017.

        A mining industry revolution contributed by intelligent ore sorting

        With the rapid development of non-metallic mining industry, Zhongke Optic-electronic originally created non-medium ore sorting machines that are more high efficient and environmentally friendly than the traditional ore sorting machine. President Yan Jianwen made a report titled Application and Development of Intelligent Optic-electronic Sorting Technology in Mining Industry on 2017 China Mining Industry Chain Conference and explained the intelligent optic-electro quality sorting technology in details. 

        Market share promoted by exhibition economy mode

        Zhongke Optic-electronic has been focusing on the innovation of sales mode and has obtained good result by exhibition economy mode. Cloud interconnecting series rice color sorting machine program that exhibited in different areas by different types have harvested significantly. New product, technology and application have also been marketed accordingly. The exhibitions were a big success where nearly one hundred products have been sold out every time. AMD intelligent color sorting machine has obtained the golden award in the 15th China Grain and Oil Exhibition.

        A further progress for Industry-University-Research cooperation

        We have undertook a deep cooperation with Institute of Mechanical Science Research on national science and technology major projects and have been promoting the construction of national center of light weight material forming technology and innovation together. We have been cooperating with Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Dalian University of Technology, HeFei University of Technology and other famous learning institutes in fields including high-end equipment manufacturing, magnalium, intelligent manufacturing service, digital remote diagnosis and so on. 

        In the future, we hope to form a bright future for Intelligent Manufacturing together with you, make the equipment manufacture industry of China recognized and impactful in the world.

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